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Why is my Google Voice suddenly not working?

After the introduction of Google Voice service, it has made life easier for the users. And it was said that now searches can be handled on fingertips but now it can also be handled with your voice. And with the advances in technology, it has resulted in various dependence of users on technological advances. 

But, nothing in this world is introduced or works without flaws. So, if you are facing issues with your Google Voice assistant then you do not have to get confused. Here we will be introducing you to the reasons causing the issue with its resolution. 

Reasons Behind Google Voice Not working! 

  1. Improper or poor internet connection. 

  2. Multiple voices stored in the application. 

  3. Accumulation of cookies and caches in the application. 

  4. Using an older version of the Google Voice application. 

  5. The device is affected by the virus. 

And there can be many other causes which can lead to Google assistant not working and causing an issue. 

Possible Resolutions to Get Rid of Google Voice Issue!

  1. Check the internet connection. If not working properly then contact the service provider. 

  2. Delete all the voices stored in the application. And then enter your voice again. 

  3. Clear all the cookies and caches from the settings of the page. 

  4. Get your Google voice application updated to the latest version. 

  5. If the device is affected by virus then you can use an antivirus application to remove it. 

Hence, with the help of the above information, you can easily get the resolution of Ok Google not working issue. For any further information, you are free to contact Google customer service. 

Be aware of extricating OK Google which is not working fine:

Google assistance is one of the most famous apps of Google service. It helps to scream OK Google at your phone but when it is not responding you will certainly search the solution over a phone that you are using. If you are showing a message that OK Google is not working fine or Google assistance is not completing his task that you are looking for. There are two basic reasons that you need to figure out and go ahead to resolve this problem instantly. You need to understand the basic concept of resolving the error that you are facing with your OK Google and get instant access to use your OK Google account instantly.

Cause and solution when OK Google is not working fine:

This is all happened when Google is not able to recognize your voice that you have set up initially. Additionally, it could be due to a newer update or OK Google app itself might have bugs which cause it is showing a message that you have to fix now. Thing is quite clear is that if you are skilled in knowing the real cause of the error, you can be an extraordinary expert in order to resolve this problem with ease simply. If you are not an expert to do so and want to know to fix when OK Google not working fine then you are required to learn the proper ways and ideas to get this issue fixed appropriately.

Following are the ways when you don’t know how to fix OK Google not working:

  • At first, you need to turn on your Android device and then try to open your OK Google and select the language settings.
  • If it is not working fine then you need to clear the basics that help to clean the microphone hole to clean the dirt or other debris.
  • In case you see that your Google app is not working update it and complete the on-screen process to see the result soon.
  • You must go to the Google assistance settings where you can select the voice to check and then turn on the OK Google app.
  • You can disable S Voice or Bixby if you have a Samsung mobile phone and then check out to retrain the OK Google voice model.
  • You need to start the microphone and access your voice match and then select the Google language when you see any other error.
  • You need to retrain your Google voice to work fine and fix the OK Google with the perfect settings of Google voice in a good form.

It would be necessary to reset the settings of OK Google when you still see any kind of error message and then read the message to make the basic settings to work fine your OK Google perfect.  

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