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How much does it cost to change a flight with Qatar Airways?

A guide on flight change cost in Qatar Airways

When there is a change in the travel plan, a lot of things come to a passenger's mind related to a flight change. If your flight is booked with Qatar airways, changes are allowed, and it can be done easily. You need not worry about the flight change fees also, as everything is pre-defined in the policy of the airline. The details about the cost of flight change in Qatar Airways is explained in this article.

Flight change policy of Qatar Airways

According to the Qatar Airways flight change policy, if the passenger makes the changes according to requirement, it is known as voluntary changes. The terms and rules of the flight change policy are listed below:

  • In case you are changing the ticket just before the departure, you will be asked to pay the change penalty and the no-show charges also.

  • The ticket is then re-issued with the difference in fare of the flights.

  • When you change your booking within 24 hours of purchase, there will be no change fee.

  • After lapsing of 24 hours, you need to pay a certain amount as the change fees.

  • All this is only applicable when the booking is made at least a week or before that.

Flight change procedure in Qatar Airways

The flight change policy is followed while making the changes online. The itinerary changes in Qatar Airways can be done according to the following steps:

  • Browse the website and navigate to the homepage of Qatar Airways.

  • Click the tab of Manage Booking to proceed.

  • To retrieve the booking details, you need to enter the last name of the passenger and the booking reference code.

  • With the correct details, when you click the retrieve button, you will get the itinerary on your screen.

  • Now, you can modify the itinerary as per requirement.

  • You can change your flight date, origin, and destination, as mentioned on the itinerary.

  • As per the flight change policy, if any changes involve charges, you need to pay the same.

  • After paying the change fee for the changes you have made (if any), you can save the changes.

  • Once you confirm the changes, it will be updated, and the new e-ticket is received on the email or as a text message.

To calculate the Qatar airways flight change fee, the airline refers to the fare rules. The change fee depends on the various factors, such as how much time is left for the departure, type of ticket purchased, distance of the journey, etc. After considering all these factors, the amount is calculated and then the passenger pays it. 

For more details on changes or other services of the airline, contact Qatar Airways reservations team. The representatives of the airline will provide you with all kinds of details and info required for the queries related to Qatar Airways and are available 24x7 for your assistance through different platforms. To get in touch with the airline executive, you have the option to use the contact page on the Qatar Airways website and choose any option among the call, live chat, or email.

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