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How Do You Move Multiple Emails To A Folder In Hotmail?

It is very important that all mails in the email id should be safe and secure so that it can be used or seen as and when required. Keeping the mail in inbox only can be a way that the mails can be lost as and when the data can be corrupted or anything like that can happen so in order to secure the mails we need to keep the mails safely. The best way to remove the mails safely is  to keep them in the folders. If using Windows 7 the steps to do this will be clear to understand and perform.

  • Before we go ahead with moving the mails to a specific folder we need to make sure that atleast one message is checked from the desired sender

  • Then click onto the Windows Live Hotmail toolbar

  • Select the option Move all from *** which is mentioned in the menu that you see

  • Lastly, choose the folder for filing the messages which is present to select a folder to move them to

Nowadays we can see that Hotmail is used very less but still it is being used as people have their old and maintained accounts too. We also have Hotmail Customer Service Assistance Number mentioned for any further help if required and the solution will be provided also.

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