How to connect Outlook to Hotmail?

People are using several email applications and managing their emails but the condition is that they always come through certain bugs that might be difficult for them to resolve.For every individual it is important to think over security including the wastage of time.Hotmail could be the commendable choice for the users because it has all such features that one have desired in an email application.This is the only mail application that assures users with complete safety and security. Even Hotmail is the better one but uses may come through certain problems that may be hard for them to recover.To get help in such conditions,users may reach the support team immediately. Experts would help the users throughout the problem until it would not get solved completely.

Follow the process and connect Outlook to Hotmail:

Follow the mentioned steps and connect Outlook to Hotmail, we are listing down it in 4 steps, so read clearfully.

Step 1: Launch Microsoft Outlook

  • First users should click over “Start”.

  • Users need to type “Microsoft Outlook” in the search bar.

  • Through the results,users need to click “Microsoft Outlook”.

Step 2: Set Up the Outlook connector

  • First users need to start the startup wizard.

  • It is now required to tick the circle besides “Yes” that would be over next screen.

  • Individual should now click the option for “Manually configure server settings” that is at the left of the next screen.

  • Users should now click the “Other” option.

Step 3: Setup the Hotmail account.

  • Users are now required to enter the email address in the first address field.

  • Key in the password for Hotmail.

  • It is now required to assign the name,individuals need to assign for the account.

  • Individual are now required to click the “Okay” button.

  • It is now need to upgrade the Outlook connector.

  • Individuals should now click the option for “I accept the terms”.

  • Users may now click the “Install” button.

  • It is time to choose the “Finish” button.

Step 4: Restart Outlook and setup Calendar

  • Individuals need to restart the Outlook by repeating the process.

  • It is time to click over “Mail” that is at the left corner.

For the condition when the individual need help with the above solved problem and they didn’t find it helpful,then they are required to connect with the support team.

Why to connect with Microsoft team for help in Outlook & Hotmail?

For contacting the Microsoft support team,users need to dial the outlook technical assistance number that would be given over the Microsoft’s customer support page. The support team would first analyse the problem and then come over the conclusion that which technique would be more suitable for the users for solving the issue.


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