What is the Linksys Router Technical Support Phone Number?

Linksys is a network hardware company that basically hails from America. Linksys company was founded and developed in the year 1988 in Taiwan. It deals with the production of data networking hardware products basically for professional and personal purposes. But it is mainly known for the production of routers over there network channels. It is quite famous because it is enhancing and upgrading the features with coming years, like: BEFW11S4, WRT54G series, WRT100, 110, WRT120N, 300N, 320N, 350N,400N,600N,610N, 1200AC, 1900AC, 1900ACS, E800,E900, E1000, E1200, E1500, E1550, E1700, E2000, E2100L, E3000, E3200, E4200, EA2700, EA3500 and so on! Linksys router firm has the aim to ensure each and every client’s requirements if there are any odds then resolve and clear it out via online, remote, chat or phone service. They come up with the best and quick solution for any glitch, whatever you face so! If you have any issues like that then contact Linksys router technical support phone number!

Some people may be facing a problem while accessing the Linksys router. Even they are not able to connect the router through a wireless connection. So, one can follow the below-given steps to resolve your problems and find the proper solution to your problem.

  • Firstly make a proper connection between the router and your required modem through the ethernet wired cables. Connect one of its end to the router and the other end to the modem.

  • No one needs to insert the prolonged AC adapter to the Linksys router outlet wall. And thee other ends of the power jack on to the back of the router.

  • You have to wait for a moment until the ‘’power’ light is glowing and after that ‘WLAN’ light is flashing.

  • After finishing this job, now power on your computer system.

  • Now make ‘ON’ your wifi, and as you turn that on it will automatically detect the router network.

  • Now as soon as it senses just make it connect with your computer system.

  • Start any of the web browsers in your system.

  • There on its search bar enter the ‘’ and press enter.

  • It will show a login page, enter ‘admin’ in the username and leave the password space blank.

  • The administration page will appear then, Click on that option.

  • Next click on the ‘management’, there you have to provide the password for the router and again enter the password.

  • Click on the ‘save settings’.

  • Select the ‘wireless’ and then after click on the ‘wireless security’.

  • From the drop menu, choose the ‘WPA Personal’ and press enter.

  • Finally, click on the save changes password to encrypt the network. After doing this will ask the other person to enter the passkey to connect the router.

Hurray! You have done Linksys router setup through a wireless medium in your device, if you come up with any troubleshooting issue then contact to Linksys router customer service number 24/7, avail service for all the users!

If you have purchased Linksys router and made the setup process but don’t know how to access it then don’t worry, just read it and follow the steps.

  • Firstly open your computer or PC system.

  • Then secondly power on your router along with the modem.

  • Now click on the ‘start’ menu, then move to the run option.

  • In the run, option enters the ‘cmd’ into the search field and then press enter.

  • Now a command screen will open in front of you.

  • On the command screen enter, ‘ipconfig’ to show the device configuration information.

  • A routers default gateway will be listed below the command screen.

  • Now your finally default gateway has been determined.

As of now, you have finally go to know the default gateway of your Linksys router. Follow these steps as these are very easy to follow them up and move to the next level of your information. If have any issue while accessing the functionality of the Linksys router then buzz their Linksys router help desk number for immediate and instant support.

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While doing the activity in Linksys router/ modem like configuring it with other networks, system, modems, routers then you need to follow up these general settings for Linksys router configuration.

  • Open your personal system

  • Then move to your browser like Chrome, Firefox, IE.

  • Enter on the search bar as and press enter.

  • Now it will show you a login window.

  • There you need to enter the required username and password of your router.

  • Enter the network password, and move to the next option.

  • Now after that, it will ask you to enter the DNS address.

  • Enter the static DNS 1 address as and

  • Then after entering the Static DNS 2 address in the required box as and next as

  • After providing all that details just click on the ‘save’ options.

  • Click on the ‘save settings’ option.

As when you have done with the above-given settings then remove your DNS resolver cache and web browser cache to make sure that your DNS configuration settings may respond effectively. If there are some technical errors, which are most users’ issues then you need to pick up your mobile phone and contact to Linksys router customer support phone number!

Due to some network issues or some configuration issues, you need to uninstall your linksys router. Because it is not going that way smoothly then don’t worry just uninstall it by following steps.

  • Swtich on your personal computing device.

  • Then move to the ‘start’ option.

  • Click on the ‘Start’ menu and move to the next step.

  • Now in the start option search for the ‘control panel’.

  • Click on the ‘control panel’ and then look fro the programs category.

  • In the ‘programs’ category, you need to select the ‘uninstall a program’.

  • Just click on the uninstall a program, there you need to locate for the ‘linksys connect’.

  • Select your required router option and then make right click on it.

  • From the drop down options, select the ‘uninstall or change’ button.

  • As you will click on the uninstall and change option, it will display a window of ‘uninstall linksys connect’.

  • On that just click on the ‘uninstall’ button.

  • Now it will take a few minutes while removing the software from the desktop.

  • It will show you a message as ‘linksys connect has been uninstalled’, there on the bottom on the screen click on the close button.

Done with uninstallation process, go ahead or otherwise you can take help from linksys router technical support team, who will do these functions on your behalf via remote access.

If anyone wants to update his or her wireless router then it is recommended for a common user to upgrade your router firmware to the latest version, which may resolve your bugs occurring while you are connected to the internet. It will remove the problem of the random and instant dropping of wireless connection.

  • First of all, if anyone wants to update the router then he or she may first know the wireless router model number and version number, which is present at the back of the Linksys router.

  • Then in the web browser enter there, linksys.com.

  • From there move to the ‘support’, and enter your wireless model number.

  • Click on the ‘get download’ option. From there select the version number of your router.

  • After that click on the download link under the firmware section.

  • Click on the upgrade option which is present on the Linksys administration.

  • Download the latest version of the Linksys router firmware.

  • Then finally click on the ‘upgrade’ option.

  • As it will take a few minutes to update. But later on, it is ready to be used by the user.

Prodigious! You have updated your Linksys router with updated features, now you can use its functionality. If you have any trouble while performing the same task in linksys router/ modem do contact to Linksys router tech support phone number 24/7.

A Quick Guide On How To Recover Password for Linksys Router

Router devices have become the basic essentialities of our life. Linksys routers have become of the most popular American brands. Forgetting the password for your router can be very disappointing as you may not be able to access your internet services.  However, you can still recover its password by using different methods.

Users often forget Linksys router password but that doesn’t mean that they can’t recover it.  If you are also a user of Linksys router then follow the easy methods to get back its password. Hence, the next section of this article will guide you with the Linksys router password recovery method.

Quick Method To Recover Password For Linksys Router

  • Plug your router into the nearest powerpoint
  • Now, wait for a while and then press and hold the reset button till 10 seconds.
  • You can find the button at the back of your router device
  • Now, unplug your device and then wait for 20-30 seconds
  • Plug your device once again and then turn it on.
  • Connect it to your personal computer via Ethernet cable and then you will see the Ethernet light blinking on your router.
  • Now, connect your router with the modem device
  • Open the web browser in your PC and enter the default web address in the address bar. You can ask your internet provider to give you the default web address.
  • Now, in the login enter the default username and password that you can find on the back of the router
  • Now follow the on-screen prompts to change the password for your Linksys router device.

Furthermore, if you are still unable to recover Linksys router password then you must get in touch with the Linksys technical support to get assistance on the relevant.


Why We Contact Linksys Router Customer Service Team?

Guys, now I can assume that you know how to tackle all the issues in Linksys as they are mentioned above. If not then worry not it will come up in the blog section in the coming days. If you have any query then you can put up it in the comment section, or if you are in a real hurry then contact to Linksys router customer service helpline phone number, this number is available on the website of Linksys. 

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